Fallo Corporation is a solution based organization that is focused on bringing new innovative products to life with revenue driven results.

Humble beginnings.

Brien Patermo has been involved in the golf, sporting goods, and premium luxury bag markets for over 27 years.

His experiences have taken him from roles in sales, sales management, and product development throughout global markets.

Having had the privilege of working, owning and developing his trade with historical golf bag brands, Datrek and Miller, Ergonomix Sport, GSW and American luxury brand Belding , a wealth of experience has provided a global perspective and expertise in category management.

Fallo Corp specializes in OEM luxury brands that benefit from high quality product innovation and a vast adept supply chain.

“Here at Fallo we take everything personally …. our lives our business ….we realize we live only once, we get one shot.

Embrace life, embrace personality, embrace energy.

Make a difference.”

Endless possibilities.

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